Cantankerous Canker Sores

Cantankerous Canker Sores

Many Americans suffer from canker sores at one time or another. Canker sores are painful ulcers inside the mouth that most often follow an injury to oral tissue, although heredity can also play a roll.

Current research suggests that an underlying nutritional deficiency – iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, or some combination – may cause the problem in a small percentage of people who have recurrent canker sores. Some people claim to get canker sores after eating chocolate or drinking too much white wine or fruit juice, although a direct relationship between certain foods or drinks has not been proven.

There does seem to be an association between canker sores and stress, at least in susceptible individuals. With or without treatment, canker sores usually heal in a week or two and are not contagious. Any mouth ulcer without an obvious cause that fails to heal within two weeks should be regarded with suspicion and brought to the attention of our office.

Here are some tips to help you deal with a canker sore:

  • Try not to irritate your mouth while the canker sore in helaing.
  • Do not eat spicy foods.
  • Drink juice or soda with a straw so acidic fluids bypass the sore. Better still, avoid juice and soda.
  • Be carefull with very hot or salty foods.
  • Avoid potato chips, crackers and toast, which mave sharp edges when chewed.

If you do note a clear relationship between your own habits or physical and emotional state and the appearance of canker sores, use common sense and pay attention to them.


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