Cruise Lines Follow Different Laws for Dental Care

Cruise Lines Follow Different Laws for Dental Care

poor-area-no-clean-waterAre you excited for your upcoming cruise? Cruising is surely one of the best ways to spend your vacation time. Relaxing while looking at the vast ocean, having fun abroad, and waking up to amazing new places minus the hustle and bustle is what makes cruising a very wonderful way to spend your vacation.

Dental care in cruise ships

If you’re having a dental crisis in the high seas, don’t worry because major cruise lines are now offering health services like dental care and basic dental treatments on board. Dental coverage on board usually consists of extractions and other emergency dental works. These dental services are of the same quality as those located on land though they’re more expensive as can be expected from all other cruise ship services.

However, there are also some cruise lines that don’t have a dentist on board. What the cruise line would usually do in these cases is that they’ll assist you to have a dental appointment with a dentist offshore at one of the stop-over ports.

Dental Care Coverage

Maritime Laws require cruise ships to provide free health care services like dental treatments to their crews and employees during pre-embarkation and during the voyage. However, this requirement does not extend to the guests, so those who are cruising are advised to get cruise travel insurance to cover any health and oral issues that may arise while at sea. Most guests would actually prefer to have travel insurance than pay in cash as it can help them budget their travel finances while cruising. It’s also a good investment because you can use it to avail both onshore and offshore dental treatments.

How different laws affect dental care

The dental care and treatments that you receive on board a cruise ship can differ depending on the flag of the vessel, your nationality, and the law and policy that governs your travel insurance.

For example, the government of the United States offers full coverage for health services including dental care on board cruise ships and ashore as long as you’re within the U.S. territory, but it recommends medical insurance for American citizens who sail outside the United States. On the other side of the globe, most Asian countries wouldn’t cover the dental treatments of their citizens on board Asian and international cruise lines unless they have travel or medical insurance. In the latter case, the expenses are shouldered by their respective insurance companies.

Visit your dentist prior to your cruise

Even though you’re sure that you’ll be able to receive basic dental treatments while you’re cruising, still nothing beats having good oral health all the time. It is better for you to visit your dentist prior to your cruise to ensure your oral health rather than acting and receiving treatments only when your teeth and gum problems have already been bothering you during vacation.

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