Denture Mechanics

Denture Mechanics

“I think I need and alignment.”  “May I make an appointment for an alignment?”  “My dentures don’t fit like they used to.  Do you think I should have an alignment?”

These are regular comments heard when the phone rings at the dental office.  The procedure is properly referred to as a reline, but when you think about it, “alignment” is not totally incorrect.

Your car steers poorly.  Your tires are wearing unevenly.  Perhaps your car shimmys at certain speeds.  Your gas mileage is going down.  What do you do?  You call your mechanic and make an appointment for an alignment.  It’s part of maintaining and extending the life of your car for optimum performance.

Maintaining your denture for optimum performance is much the same. Consider the signs that a reline is  overdue:

  • Your denture rocks from side to side
  • Your denture rocks from front to back
  • You are using increasing amounts of denture adhesive
  • You are beginning to avoid certain foods necessary for nutrition
  • The teeth in your denture are wearing unevenly
  • Your denture base has broken

As a denture wearer, you know how important it is to maintain as much bone as possible.  Allowing your denture to rock back and forth is very destructive to your “boney ridge” and the denture itself. Left to progress, restoring that original fit and function may be impossible due to a loss of “boney ridge” to secure the denture.

An ill fitting denture that rocks back and forth creates tremendous force as you chew.  This can weaken the denture base and suddenly it snaps.

A reline is your best solution to maintaining comfort and fit.  When your car needs an alignment, the mechanic measures the components to determine how much adjustment is needed.

At your reline appointment, an impression will be taken to measure and record the changes in your gums and bone.  The laboratory uses this new impression to adjust and customize your denture.  The doctor will check for other problems you may be experiencing and make recommendations.

How often should you have a reline?

The need for a reline varies with each denture wearer.  Weight loss, medical treatments, and bone health are the variables for each person.  Be aware of the symptoms listed above.  As a rule of thumb, an annual check up is advisable.  A reline will be recommended only if necessary.  When you call for your “alignment”, include a request for your annual oral cancer screening.  Because your oral health affects the entire body, why not have the peace of mind that all is well where your tongue lives!

At Star Dental Institute, Inc, over 20,000 dentures have been provided.  Our patients are reminded twice a year to focus on denture fit and consider whether a reline is appropriate.  Our in-house laboratory offers you a rapid turn around and the assurance that the doctor is overseeing the entire procedure.

If you are considering dentures for the first time, a consultation with the Doctor can answer all your questions.  As a new denture wearer, the Total Care Package includes the relines and adjustments quite often necessary within the first year following surgery and insertion.

Don’t wait for those dentures to “rock and roll”. “Align” them now!


Our experienced and skilled staff is dedicated to serving your denture needs in the most efficient manner possible. In most cases we will complete your procedure and deliver your dentures the same day.


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