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dr gary mooreDr. Gary Moore graduated in 1986 from Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry. Since then, he has completed literally hundreds of continuing education hours, studying with some of the greatest minds of dentistry and perfecting dental techniques that most dentists shy away from. For several years, he was a faculty member and taught at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

He believes that your experience at a dental office should be comfortable as possible, and does everything possible to make his patients have a great experience. As a premier Colorado Springs dentist, he looks forward to helping you with your dental needs.

He is married with two children and enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.

New Dental App Allows for Remote Assessments

OralEye is a new app that may help patients learn more about their oral health, without even having to visit the dentist. Dr. Gary Moore of Star Dental Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is running beta tests on this ground breaking app, to see how effective and legitimate it’s uses could be.

Dental Emergencies

Going to the dentist can be a hassle to begin with. Not only do most people rarely make time for regular checkups, but dental emergencies can be even tougher to plan for. Whether you chip your teeth on a piece of popcorn at the movies or your child breaks a tooth while playing sports, going to the dentist is not something that most people want to do. This is especially true in the event that these individuals do not know the extent of the damage on the tooth. After all, it can be expensive to see an emergency dentist, which is an expense most people would prefer to avoid if at all possible.

It is with these circumstances that OralEye comes into play. This iPhone and Android app will help patients determine just how bad the damage may be to their teeth, as well as whether or not they should visit their dentist immediately or if it can wait.

Technology Could be Beneficial to Dental Practices

OralEye has been tested by Dr. Moore of Star Dental Institute, with results that prove this technology could be beneficial to dental practices  everywhere. The testing has involved patients who have issues with their teeth, who then send images directly to Dr. Stetson. From there, Dr. Stetson can evaluate the severity of the issue, while also giving a timeline as to having it seen to. The only thing that is required on behalf of the patient is an image and a description regarding the problems that they may be experiencing, such as broken, damaged, loose, cracked, crooked or diseased teeth.

This process will drastically cut down on the time that it takes to get an evaluation from a dentist, saving time for both the dentist and the patient. It can also cut down on fees associated with visiting the dentist, not to mention resolving issues that could be even more severe then originally expected.

Mark Moore (no relation to Dr. Gary Moore) is the creator of OralEye and is a native of Limerick, Ireland. Moore came up with the idea after noticing a severe gap between his teeth and gums while on vacation. After taking a quick picture of the issue, he then sent it to his dad -who happens to be a dentist- to get further input into the problem. Immediately Mark Moore’s father knew the problem and how to get it treated. It was this through this thought process that the concept of OralEye was born.

As the creator of OralEye, Mark Moore doesn’t suggest that the app should take the place of visiting a dentist with an emergency oral situation. Instead, this app can be used to help people who do not have the time or money to visit the dentist, which is exactly what Dr. Moore is trying to determine.

Outside of Colorado Springs, smaller cities in Southern Colorado may not have direct access to a dentist in a dental emergency. This means that they may have to drive as much as three hours to get to a dentist like Dr. Moore at Star Dental Institute. If certain individuals make this trip, only to find out that their tooth is fine, you can imagine the frustration that will likely take place.

Dr. Moore agrees with Mark Moore that OralEye should not be replaced by proper oral care. However, Dr. Moore does believe that this app can be incredibly helpful in circumstances when people do not have direct access to a dentist, much like in smaller cities in Southern Colorado.

There are few limitations as to what OralEye can do for prospective patients. Whether someone is looking to be fitted for braces, get cosmetic dental work, or, as mentioned, get an emergency situation seen to, this app can come in very handy.

OralEye is currently free on the iPhone and can be downloaded at oraleye.com.

Dr. Gary Moore October 26, 2014

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