How Can Outdoor Hobbies Affect Teeth?

How Can Outdoor Hobbies Affect Teeth?

As the weather starts to get warmer, you’re probably thinking of any outdoor hobbies you might have from birdwatching to outside sports. You might not know it, but outdoor hobbies have the potential to damage your teeth. Of course, simply being outdoors has no real effect on your teeth. The problem is, however, that accidents are simply more likely outdoors.

Tooth damage from accidents can come in a variety of forms. The most common and least troublesome type of damage is loosening a permanent tooth from some sort of trauma, causing it to wiggle in place much like baby teeth do before they fall out. Some bleeding in the gums might accompany the tooth damage, but, despite how scary it might look, usually the gums tighten around the teeth by themselves and require little medical assistance.

If you fall and manage to loosen and displace a tooth, however, the issue becomes more problematic. Rather than simply letting the tooth be, you should take some pain medication and see a dentist as soon as possible. Because displacement can come in many types (a tooth can be tilted inward or pushed into the gums), only a professional’s diagnosis can tell you how exactly to treat the problem.

A displaced tooth can be quite troublesome, but an avulsed, or knocked out, tooth qualifies as a dental emergency. Usually, a knocked out tooth is seldom caused by ordinary hobbies (unless, of course, your hobby is martial arts or football), because it takes quite a bit of force to knock out a tooth, but knowing how to respond in case you do find yourself in this scenario is important.

With avulsed teeth, the key is timing. The tooth needs to be cleaned and replaced as soon as possible (within 15-30 minutes is ideal) before the tissues start degenerating and the gums start thinking the tooth is a foreign object. Again, try to work as fast as possible: stay calm and insert the roots of the tooth back into the gums after cleaning the tooth with some milk or saliva. Alignment of the tooth isn’t necessarily your top priority. Rather, holding the tooth in place and contacting a dentist is best to ensure a quick recovery.

Of course, alternatives to fitting an avulsed tooth back in do exist. Dental implants, or artificial teeth inserted into the gums surgically, are the most popular choice because they reasonably mimic the behavior and look of real teeth while being stronger and more durable.

Either way, you should contact a dentist as soon as possible after you injure a tooth to get a professional opinion on how best to proceed. Contact Star Dental Institute at (719) 597-7979 to get a qualified dentist to look at your tooth injuries today!


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