How to be Prepared for a Dental Emergency Abroad

How to be Prepared for a Dental Emergency Abroad

Dental Emergencies and Injuries

Travelling abroad is a great experience, but along with the fun and enjoyment comes the risks and dangers of recreational activities, especially if you love nature and wildlife. Hiking in the French Alps, surfing in the Aussie beaches, boating through the Amazon, and exploring the Mayan ruins in Mexico are great ways to spend your time out of the country. However, all these physical activities may lead to accidents and injuries. Although unpredictable, it’s important to prepare for any dental emergencies such as a fracture or tooth being knocked out, bleeding gums or lips, and other oral injuries.

Seeking Local Dental Care and Assistance

Since you’re not in the United States, the first thing you will discover is the difference between dental care in the U.S. and abroad. The customs and practices in other countries may be distinct from our dental care at home, but most countries have international dental standards which indicate that you’re in safe hands. In Europe, for instance, some dental professionals are associated with the American Dental Society of Europe which implements the same dental practices and techniques used in the United States. In order to find an accredited dental professional, you can talk to your hotel concierge or call the hotline numbers 112 or 011 44 141 331 0088.

If you’re in a third world or underdeveloped country, getting proper dental care may be a challenge, especially in African regions. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Before traveling, research dental and medical facilities in your destination. Make a list of the nearest health establishments in your area so that in case of emergency, you already have an idea where to go.
  2. Ask for help from the American Embassy in the country you’re in. They will be able to provide you with dental and medical assistance.
  3. Stay in a hotel within the urbanized areas or cities and not in a rural location. Most urbanized areas around the world have dental facilities which are accessible to the public.

Tips and Reminders While Out of the Country

One of the most important reminders about dental health during travel is prevention. Before you leave, make sure you take a trip to your dentist and get immediate treatment for any impending dental problems, especially internal tooth decay and gum disease. If you leave these issues unattended, the worst symptoms may happen while you’re abroad, such as extreme tooth pain and persistent gum bleeding.

Apart from prevention, you should also pack all the necessary oral care products you will need while out of the country. Although most countries have stores and markets, they might not carry your preferred dental product brands, or some products may not be available such as interdental brushes and oral irrigators. If you have special oral care equipment such as bite guards and dental appliances, make sure they are packed safely in your luggage. Not wearing your dental appliances can lead to oral problems, especially if you will be out of the country for some time.

What Should You Do When You Get Home?

If you had a dental emergency abroad, even if it was resolved, make sure you visit Star Dental Institute as soon as you get home. You can give us a call at 719-597-7979 or send us an online message through our contact form to schedule an appointment. Dental first aid is a requirement, but following up is even more important to ensure that the treatment was properly administered while you were abroad. If anything needs to be corrected or treated further, our dental team will be happy to provide insight and lay out a treatment plan. This will effectively prevent complications and allow you to travel without worries in the future.


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