Implants for Denture Wearers

Implants for Denture Wearers

No kidding! A 55-year-old denture patient arrived for her first consultation appointment carrying an 8 x 10 photograph of herself at 28 years of age. “This is what I expect to look like after my dentures are in place!” she told the doctor. Of course this was an extreme request but the patient understood that missing teeth affect the entire face – jaw line, cheeks, and lip line.

Tooth loss results in the loss of facial support too. Did you know tooth loss sets off the loss of surrounding bone? Bone responds positively to the presence of the root of the tooth. The surrounding bone, unless compromised with periodontal (gum) disease, “lives” to support the tooth in place and maintains the support structure of the entire face.

With the loss of a tooth, a chain reaction begins. The bone has nothing to support and begins to recede. Adjacent teeth may become loose, shift, and erupt becoming candidates for loss. The cycle continues unless steps are taken to stop the process.

Implant technology is all the buzz these days and the buzz is well deserved. Tooth replacement via the implant process is receiving rave reviews. Implant technology is also available for the denture wearer.

A successful denture fit depends on many factors:

Remaining bone and gum ridge
Thickness of your saliva
Height of the bony ridge
Thickness of the existing gum tissue

Flexible attitude of the denture wearer – this is a prosthetic replacement

The upper denture, though not problem free, is typically easier to wear because of the suction created by the full upper palate of the denture. The lower denture is more difficult as it is dependent upon a good strong bony ridge. The necessary design eliminates any suction benefit. Over time, many denture wearers experience the loss of bone described above. The dentures (both upper and lower) become loose resulting in embarrassing social situations, compromises in dietary choices, and painful sore spots. The solution has always been a laboratory reline or a complete replacement of the denture to accommodate the predictable changes resulting from bone and tissue loss. Sadly, some patients cannot achieve complete satisfaction with their denture fit due to extreme loss of bone and gum tissue.

Implants offer a solution to ill-fitting dentures as well as a preventive measure against further bone loss.

The “midi implant” could be the best decision for current and future denture wearers. This marvelous innovation is tiny implants placed in the bone. The denture is made to “snap on” to the implants holding the denture in place. Bone loss is reduced as the implant stimulates the surrounding bone tissue. The denture is supported by the implant instead of the remaining bony ridge.

If you are a current denture wearer, you might want to consider midi implants to retain current bone levels. If you are planning for full dentures, you may want to consider adding midi implants from the start for the sake of your bone health and preservation of your face shape.

We can’t make you look 28 again (unless you’re 29) but we can improve your appearance and comfort.

Call for a no charge consultation. We will determine if you are a candidate for the midi implant and show you a working model of the prosthetic with midi implants attached.


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