Oral Sports Injuries — Not for Boys Only

Oral Sports Injuries — Not for Boys Only

While most people associate youth injuries with rambunctious boys, research indicates that oral injuries occur as frequently in girls as they do in boys who participate in sports such as basketball and soccer.

Young athletes who sustain damaged or dislodged teeth, fractured jaws and lacerated lips frequently end up in dental offices or hospital emergency rooms. Yet, many of these injuries are preventable if a mouth protector is used. Mouth protectors also help prevent concussions, injuries to the jaw joint and neck injuries that result from a severe blow to the head.

Despite strong evidence that mouth protectors reduce the number of oral injuries in football , other sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and volleyball often do not require their use.

Compliance with mouth protection rules in women’s sports has not kept pace with women’s increasing involvement in those sports. Protecting your mouth is important whether you are participating in an organized sport or just joining a volleyball game on the beach. Many recreational activities can seriously harm the head, face, or mouth as a result of head-to-head contact, falls, teeth-clenching, or flying pieces of equipment.

Young athletes, female and male, can visit our office to have a mouth protector custom-fitted to wear during organized or casual sports.

Custom-fitted mouth protectors are more comfortable than ready-made mouth protectors or a mouth-formed thermoplastic “boil and bite” protector from a sporting goods store. A custom-fitted mouth protector made by us allows you to breath and talk freely while playing.

If you or your child are participating in athletic activities, check with us for advise on the most appropriate form of mouth protection.


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