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Same Day Affordable Dentures
in Colorado Springs

Our service eliminates the greatest concerns of our patients – affordability, efficiency, timeliness and comfort.

Our affordable denture services are designed to eliminate the most worrisome concerns of our patients, including cost, time, and comfort. Our same day denture services include:

  • a full examination, X-rays and a consultation
  • tooth extractions, when necessary
  • full or partial denture creation the same day (in most cases)
  • best warranty in Colorado: 2 years (base), 10 years (teeth)
  • in-house lab insures top quality dentures and a perfect fit in one day

Dr. Rush and the skilled hygienists at Star Dental Systems offer a variety of same day denture options, depending on your dental and budgetary needs. Full and partial sets of affordable dentures are available, and our experienced staff will work with you to find the best match for your individual needs.

The Procedure for Same Day Dentures

Plan to dedicate at least a half day for the consultation and installation procedure for your dentures. Colorado Springs residents and dental patients across Southern Colorado no longer have to drive long distances or spend a great deal of time to get high-quality, affordable dentures.

To take advantage of our same day dentures in Colorado Springs, plan to dedicate at least a half day to your treatment.

  • Economy dentures are selected by many patients. Our experienced staff will determine the size, shape and look of your teeth and match the denture to fit your smile.
  • Custom dentures give us the option to set the tooth or teeth in a wax base so you can see how they’ll look before the dentures are completed.
  • Premium dentures are the most natural looking option and are as resistant to impact, wear and tear, and stains as your original teeth.
One of the Top Labs in Colorado

For all your denture needs, our on-site laboratory uses controlled pressure-injected and heat curing to complete and deliver your dentures the same day (in most cases). Precise color matching ensures that your new dentures look natural in your mouth. In most cases, you can be out the door and enjoying a meal in just a few hours. Contact us at our Colorado Springs office today to schedule an appointment for affordable, same day dentures.

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