What if Little Red Riding Hood had said

What if Little Red Riding Hood had said,

“but Grandma, what strange teeth you have or are those just your worn out old dentures?”

Some denture wearers miraculously manage to wear the same dentures, with occasional relines, for many years.  Statistically, however, a denture has a life expectancy of about five years.  Many insurance companies plan for a denture replacement at each five year interval.

Dentures may need to be replaced when they become loose or the teeth begin to show significant wear.   We notice obvious changes in our joints and skin as we age, but we do not notice the changes that are also occurring in our mouth.  Your mouth changes with age as the bone and gum ridges shrink.

As the fit of your denture changes, you may try using a different adhesive or use adhesive more often.  You may change the way you chew.  Sadly, you may begin restricting your diet to foods easier to ingest but you may also be compromising your over all health due to an unbalanced diet.

Consider a plan for optimizing your denture wearing success.

  • Regular dental check-ups are just as important for you, the denture wearer, as they are for someone with natural teeth.  The dentist will check the fit, the over all condition of the denture, and make recommendations for a “tune up” if necessary.  The dental examination is also important for monitoring the health of gum tissue and bone structure.
  • If the teeth show minimal wear, the dentist may recommend a reline.  This procedure can significantly improve the fit and function of your denture without replacing the denture.
  • In the event your bone and gum conditions have changed, the dentist may recommend a complete new denture.
  • New technology has developed implants that allow you to “snap” the denture on to an anchor that stabilizes the denture.

New materials, new procedures, and advanced technology can greatly enhance your experience.  You can look forward to feeling better and eating more nutritiously. Don’t forget the emotional benefit of looking better and smiling more spontaneously.

Little Red Riding Hood might say, “Gee, Grandma, you look terrific.

Star Dental Institute, Inc, Inc. is a state-of-the-art dental practice that is strongly focused on delivering quality dentures and partial dentures.  The on-site laboratory provides the added benefit of same-day service in most cases.  New patients may call for a consultation appointment at “no charge” to discuss replacement of a worn out denture or to discuss dentures as an alternative to better health.

You can reach a staff member to schedule an appointment by calling 719.597.7979.

In the next issue of Senior Resource magazine, we will answer common questions about “Life with Dentures”.


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